I.N.I. is committed to exploring the brain’s plasticity for improving cognitive well-being. We are currently exploring research studies on diverse patient populations whose cognitive functions have been impacted (PTSD veterans, high-performance athletes). Current studies are exploring methods of meditation, functional MRI, and neurofeedback training to improve patient symptoms, and therefore, improving quality of life. By utilizing the advancement of neuroimaging, we hope to enhance comprehension of cognitive decline for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Studies in Development

Through collaborations with other research organizations, community partners, and small businesses, we are pursuing investigations into the following studies. We encourage and welcome interested partners who would like to join and contribute to our efforts to send inquiry emails to research@inifoundation.org

  1. Pilot panel study examining longitudinal expression of miRNA in blood and saliva in high school athletes with concussions

  2. Virtual Reality Cognitive Training Treatment Program for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease